It's hard to believe that nearly 16 months went by without performing. It's really nice to see it start up again, for me and my fellow performers and crews! It really has been too long. 

But, we seek silver linings right? I, personally, wrote a ton of songs. Likely you folks won't hear too many of them because that is my process. Write, write and keep writing until one really feels like it sticks. Luckily I don't actually put too much pressure on myself but, I will say that all this time off of performing has really made me think about what a song should mean to me. I want it to do more than be a personal moment or help me to exorcise a demon. I want you to relate. So, I have seen the last year working on the craft and applying myself to the term "songwriter". I always have been a late bloomer and here we are again, bloomin' late! 

But, I am excited to share with you all some exciting new recordings that have been done in a way that I have never afforded myself. I am working with a fabulous producer, Marty Hailey at Metro 13 in Edinburgh, Scotland. I hope to have a proper EP completed by the end of this year. Please stay tuned and if you fancy hearing demos or want to support this self funded venture, follow my Paypal donation link and let me know what you want for your investment. Song? CD's (old or new), you name it.....Thank you for visiting! Stay safe and Cheers!


First and foremost I guess I have always considered myself a guitar player. But, with that said, I have only used its sound as a tool to implement my song ideas. It really has been a way for me to accompany myself ever since first picking one up in 1973. 

Currently, I write and perform as a solo singer songwriter and Pub musician.


I also play guitar and add music and comedic faces to a wonderful theatre piece called "Devil in the Deck". I have been doing this show for close to 20 years and have done even more crazy performances with master magician Paul Nathan in that time including co-creating our "hit" the award winning children's show,

"The I Hate Children Children's Show"

I also play guitar in an Edinburgh based Scottish band "Cantara". We don't play often but with the awesome force of nature Lou Marshall on bagpipes and her long time musical partners the Morrison sisters and Mike Cameron while featuring renown flamenco guitarist Ricardo Garcia, it's a wonderful ride and worth the ticket price. 

I also have an upbeat folk and covers band, check out the John Anaya Band Page in the nav section. 

Years spent on the mixing desk in world class studios, great theatre productions and some of San Francisco's finest music venues. Playing on stage since 1983. Running my own studio/production business, Humpback Recording and independent record label, Olao Records since 2002. Voting member of NARAS and PRS UK. BMI USA affiliate.

Highlights: Recording Engineer/Session Guy at Prairie Sun Recording Studios, Cotati, CA 2002-2008

FOH Sound Hedwig and the Angry Inch Victoria Theatre, SF 2004-2005

Portland Oregon Rock trio CHUM with Joe Beebe and Tommy Sessa 1994-1997

MD/Actor Devil in the Deck 2003-present

I've done not one but two One man Shows at Edinburgh Festival Fringe:

The Hope Gene 2014

Gus Loomis "The Farewell Tour" 2015-2016

Tradition Guitars Endorsement/Friendship 2013

Next time you see me ask me about Tom Waits, Neko Case, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Charleze Theron and Joan Baez, Grunge in the NW and Folk in Edinburgh.....

Find my tunes on iTunes, Spotify, CDBaby, Soundcloud, Songtradr, Bandcamp and just about every digital platform around. 

The real "About". I am that guy that lives ands breathes live music and performance.

 Love it!

I use Takamine, Breedlove and Alvarez acoustic guitars, Tradition Telecasters live and D'addario EXP's 


Live at the Voodoo Rooms

LIve from Edinburgh, with Juanjo Mata on Harmonica and Ben Errington on fiddle. Captures the sound of the "Change Will Come" album. Enjoy!

Captains VLOG

Two songs and Interview

This is a recent interview I did with Haverin' productions in my Edinburgh haunt, The Captains Bar. Includes two songs from my 2018 album, "Change Will Come", the songs "The Old Man By The Sea" and "I Will Never Let Go" are performed solo acoustic. Interview by Colin Bartie.


Want a physical copy of the CD?

JOHN ANAYA MUSIC has a limited run of signed "Change Will Come" CD's! With full color lyric book. Beautiful package. (LIMITED EDITION SIGNED SOLD OUT)  Sealed CD's only still available. Send a note via the Paypal account, include your mailing address and walaa!! The CD will be shipped directly to you! FREE SHIPPING IN UK AND EUROPE, all other countries please add £3 for shipping.


What is the best way to support independent musicians? Purchase directly from them and not the big retailers. You can get a ton of music and special edition stuff for one yearly subscription fee of £5/year! Please consider supporting my music like this! Thanks! (Oh, that's the incomparable Martin Beer on upright there next to me)

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